Scores Are Not Everythings

I used to say that scores ARE NOT the everythings, but the fact say that everythings NEED the scores. am i wrong to say that scores aren’t the everythings? because according to me scoresare just a formality of our education. so, why is the everybody got stress when they got a bad score, when unfortunately the subject have not any relation for our carrier.

It seems like everybody say that you need to have a good  score then have a good skill. and the question is are you sure that your  score will help you to through this life? i guess not. In the fact you just need the  scores when you want to get a job, after you get the job you will not need the  scores anymore.

Maybe this is the illustration of our education, you study – you take the test – you pass it – you forget what you learnt and smile you are an engineer. is this what you want? you waste your time in school just to pass the test, graduate from the school and  get the certificate and  the title, and after all you take a good job without any skill in your mind. its sounds fools but many people take this way. they just waste their time to take the certificate and the title. And when they get the job, they should learn from the begining, because they know nothing about their carrer. And it means the instance have add a new incompetent person. How can this country will be better if the worker haven’t a good skill.

Maybe some people said that their  scores will make another people knows them as a smart person. But i’ve learn form my friends in the senior high school. He is very genious and he was smart in all of the subject, but he never see the  scores as the first priority, but the quality is the first. Maybe he have no very high  scores , but he have very high quality, he have skill in every subject and absolutely he have something that i guess its much better than a high  scores . Maybe he is not the first rank, but everybody know he is the best. So i think the oppinion that  score will make your name femouse is not true.

Many people said the  scores will make your future brighter, and once again i say thats not true. There are so many engineer are unemploye, there are so many people who study hard for their education but haven’t any job. And can you see that education is not the first element to get the succesfull, did you see there are many people who had low education but they can handle higher position in the office than the people who had high education.

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