The Hidden Lessons

Today 5 mei 2013 is one of the greatest day in my life. This is the day i’ve been waiting for. I’ve sacrifice almost everything for this day. I’ve gave my time, my energy, my mind, my “comfortable zone”, and many things for this day. I almost wasted 5 months focusing for this day, worked almost everyday. But the final result is not comparable at all.

How many nights i’ve passed for this things, how many ideas that i’ve gave for this, how much energy that i’ve gave, moreover i even didn’t care if i was sick or not. Just keep working on this thing. Keep thinking optimist that every sacrifice will rewarded in kind. Keep giving beyond my limitation.

I cutted my holiday for work on this, i leave my family just for this. I canceled my plan to do my hobbies “travelling”. I didn’t join my friends party just because of this. I cutted my time for doing sport, doing assignment, playing with friends and any other things.

They say “the more you give, the more you receive”. Sometimes there are so many questions in my mind, what’s wrong with me?, what’s wrong with my sacrifice?.  Sometimes i afraid about that sentence, and sometimes i wonder if i could keep that sentence in mind.

Now what ever the result, what i can do is to entertain myself. Hopefully god will reward every sacrifices in different way and it much sweater than a glory. Now i just try to believe that god give you failure is to sweetten the glory, because the glory would be meaningful when you know defeat. Now i try to appreciate what i’ve got, try to proud what ever the result. Try to entertain so i can hold on this way. It was over, there is no point to regret. Regret just makes us more frustate, and the more we frustate the more we cann’t get back up. Try to find the hidden lesson of this failure, start to learn from the problem. Think optimist, if i had sacrificed that much, what about the winner. I believe there is no luck in competition, they work much harder than us.

It was bitter, but its not my style to be frustate. I’m gonna keep moving to chase my other dream, i’ll start to build up my biggest dream. The dream which is forgotten because of this project.

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