Merbabu june 28th, 2013

This is actually a late post, it’s have been a year ago. I just too busy to look after this blog. So i always postpone to start writing a new article. And that’s it, i almost postpone them for a year. hahaha

This article is about to share my experience when i was climbed mount merbabu on 28th june in 2013. It’s located in central java near mount merapi. The highest peek is 3.145 meter or 10.318 feet. The temperature can reach zero degrees of celcius. Normally people can get on the top in 5 hours, but because we have a girl and fatty boy in our team then we need 7 hours to get there.

I was set out with my friends, they are 13 boys and 1 girl. We were leaving jogja after maghrib by 8 motor bikes. We were arrived at rest area at 7.30 pm, we were preparing our tool box there. did some warming up and also took a dinner first. You know what, i brought a heavy bag because the are food stocks and a tent inside. I think it almost 20kg, and the bag is not comfortable at all.

We were start to climb at 9 pm, we hope we could see the sunrise on the top of mountain. Everyone brought their own head lamp, for safety some of them brought emergency lamp. We predicted that we will arrive on the camp (the place is half of our way) in 4 hours, but climbing at night is not as easy as climbing at noon. 

At first the weather was clear, the moon light was so bright and the temperature was normal. The first one hour we were walked without any trouble, we were joked while walking and we had a lot of fun doing it. The next an hour all of us start getting tired and exhausted, we take a rest for 15 minutes to drinks and collecting our energy. After we had enough energy, we continued the journey. Around 11.30 pm everybody was tired, we need to take a rest for our safety. One of my friend was too tired to continue the journey, but it was impossible for us to set up our tent right there, it’s to many trees and there are steep ravine in front of us. we kept supporting him, we need to keep moving at least till the camp.

My friend were too tired, it was hard for him to survive till the top, beside he is fat he also wearing a wrong costume. He wasn’t used hiking boot, he was wearing running boot which will be slippery on the soil. He fell many times and it makes us frighten, moreover there was ravine next to us and we didn’t know how deep it is. If he lose his focus, we afraid he will fell into the ravine and it’s impossible for us to looking for him in the midnight. I felt pity for him, therefore i decided to brought his bag and hopefully it can help him a lot.

We took a rest almost every 20 minutes, everyone were tired and  we need to ensure that no one get lost. One of our rest area was very amazing, there was no tree around us.  If we look up to the sky we can see very clear sky, the star are so bright and it’s spread in all over the sky. It was so amazing, i never saw sky as clear as that night. We also can see jogja and solo city from there, we can see the lights from the houses and the vehicles. I ever seen jogja’s and solo’s activities at hill of star (bukit bintang)  and from the airplane when i had a night flight, but this time was so different. Perspective from mountain are much better then the hill or the plane. Maybe it was one of the most beautiful night that i’ve ever had. Everyone was happy, they express with screaming, jump and run like a child. It motivated us to go higher and see what kind of nature scenery god gives to us. I can’t explain how beautiful it is, but trust me that it can’t be explained by an image or even a movie. It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the technology you have, it still can’t be explained by it, you need to see it by yourself and you will know that feeling.

We were arrived at the camp around 01.00 am, it’s a wide area and we can set up our tents there. We need to take a rest there and start moving at 4 in the morning. It was so cold and the weather were changed rapidly, the sky turn into so dark and we can’t saw the moon lights anymore. Everyone was too tired to set up the tents, we take a rest for 5 minutes and then built up the tents together. It took around 45 minutes for us to set up 3 tents. After that some of us were going to sleep and some of us were cooking to warming up our body. We put out our equipment, i put out my sleeping bag, a bottle of water and a noodle. We only brought a stove therefore we need to make queue to use the stove. I told my friends to tell me when they finish using the stove, after that i take a rest right in front of the stove. I cover up all my body with sleeping bag and left a small hole to breath, it was warm inside and i think it is the best bed in nature. hehehe

Our camp – at the middle of the mount

I woke up by myself, i was shocked when i saw that everything was dark, i can’t move my body and i felt really hard to breath. “Am i die?” i said to myself, and the next few seconds i realized that i was inside the sleeping bag, the holes weren’t big enough  to circulate the oxygen. I opened the zipper as soon as possible and breath easily. I found my friends were left me outside and they didn’t tell me that they had done cooking it. I was so angry and cursed all of them, they had promised to woke me up when they finished it. 

I got out of my sleeping bag and got freeze in 5 seconds. “oh my god, how could this be so cold?” i said to myself, i looked at the tents and they were going to be broken. I looked around and i realized it was a storm, the wind were so strong and cold, i can’t stop freezing. I went into the tents and got shocked because there was no more space for me. They were so selfish, i woke them up but they kept sleeping soundly because it was warm inside. I was so angry, they didn’t just left me sleep outside, they also didn’t give a space for me to sleep. I brought a tent i can’t sleep inside, it’s not fair. I put out all my food stocks, i cooked all of them, i almost use all of gas that we brought. I didn’t care about them anymore, i just think how to warming up my body. After i ate the food i went to lower place so the wind of the storm were blocked by the higher ground. 

At 4 in the morning my alarm was ringing. It’s time for us to continue our journey. We need 2 hours to get the top of the mountain or we will miss the sunrise. I woke them up, but there were just 3 people got up. We had a short discussed and we decided to continue our journey in the morning. We need to consider three things: first there was storm just now. Second, there were 3 people can’t continue the journey. Third, our lights burning low, and the track are much harder than before.

The sun starts to rise at 6 in the morning. When the lights were coming up, we can saw what they called as sea of cloud. That was amazing, we can also saw jogja and solo city from above, it was so beautiful. Some people was running around, some of them were jumping, and some of them just sat and speechless. When you look up to the sky you will found that there are skies above the sky, it’s like you are between two skies. The sun were rising perfectly, it started with a  small yellowish color on the cloud, part by part were rising up and the color were spreading just like sun rising from the sea, but this time the sun were rising from the sea of cloud. It was one of the most perfect sunrise that i’ve ever had. 

Sunrise at our camp
The color of the sun started to spreading
Perfect sunrise with clouds below us
Perfect sunrise with clouds below us 2

I remember that when i was child i have a dream to go to the sky and play with the clouds. And now i did it, i prove to myself that if we can dream it we can achieve it. When i was a child i just a dreamer, i don’t know how to make it real but i keep dreaming. And now, i know that dream is one of the most important thing in life, no matter how hard it is,  as long as you believe and you try to make it real you will realize that nothing is impossible, its just  I’M POSSIBLE in negative perspective.

Cooking some noodles

We enjoyed the sunrise for around 30 minutes. After that we were cooked and filling up our energy in addition to continue the journey. They can’t cooked very well because i used half of the gas. They can’t yell at me because they know it was their fault. I think it still not fair remains it was storm and i should slept outside.

We continued our journey at 8 am, we didn’t bring our bag because the track were much harder than before, we just bring some water and camera, and left the other things on the camp.  3 people left on the camp and look after our bag. They can’t continued the journey, one boy was got injured, one girl was too tired to continue the journey and the last stay to accompany his girlfriend. 

We had a hard track this time, it was slipper and steep so we need to step slower for our safety. After 20 minutes of our way, we found a graveyard. Everyone was shocked, someone was died in that place before we came and it breaks our spirit down. From the graveyard we knew that he was a member of mapala from surabaya. We were an amateur, we had  no tour guide and didn’t bring enough item for safety. But we promised that we will step our feet together at the top of merbabu.

After the first an hour we were tired and decided to take a rest for 10 minutes. The view was quite good, but one of my friend who had ever went to the top said that 15 minutes from here there is a view which is much better than this. After took a rest we continued our journey.

All of us started feeling pain throughout our body. We almost gave up with the fatigue we felt, but its all gone when we arrived at the first post. The view was amazing, that place are famous as sabana 1, it was a pasture with short grass. The field was so wide i think we can land two until three helicopters at once.

Sabana 1 – downhill
Sabana 1 – start to uphill
Sabana1 uphill
Sabana 1

Took a rest at sabana 1

We continued our journey, this time the track wasn’t steep but its longer than before. The track were very nice and we enjoyed every step of the way. We didn’t want to miss this opportunity, the view of the clear sky and the wide field were too amazing to be passed. We took a picture a long the way.

After 20 minutes the track started to uphill again, it’s not very hard but quite tiring. After we pass the hill we saw the next pasture, it’s called as sabana 2. In that place we will see very wide field which is surrounded by some hills. It was so cool, it’s like a new world for me. We can hear our echos clearly there. There was something unique on that place, we no need to talk louder even the person we talk with are far away from us. You can talk like normally even your friend are one kilometer from you. The hills around the pasture is like trapped our voice, so our voice will not fade away easily, and if the voice are louder they will reflect it to us as an echo.

Sabana 2 – pasture with hills around

Walked on Sabana 2
took a rest at sabana 2

We continued our journey till the last challenge. The track went steeper than before, this is the hardest part of our way, height causes amount of oxygen was decreased, it’s hard to breath there. Moreover we already very exhausted and we were lack of water. We didn’t have any water left, we should drinks the dew on the leaves if thirsty. Its like survive in the jungle.

Slowly but surely, we were step our foot together, help each other to catch our dream to get top of the mountain. And that’s it, we were get to the top of the mountain together, all of us just sat and speechless, we had no power to jump and run anymore. We found there were some people doing a flag ceremony there. And then i realized one of them is my friend, they are MAPALA UNISI. Fortunately they brought more than enough food and water so we can ask some water for our preparation.

At the top of the mountain – surrounded by clouds

I really want to tell you what it feel of being on the highest place. But there is no words can describe how it feels being there. From above you can see that indonesia has many untapped resources, it’s means that indonesia is a very rich country but no one wanted to explore them. They say Indonesia is a nirvana, and yes it is. I have seen it by myself, we have so many beautiful view and that’s why there are many tourist want to visit this country. They say Indonesia is a sleeping giant, and yes it is. It’s just many nature resources are unexplored. I believe one day we will become a great country, a very influential country in the world.

I think that is what god once gave to us, it’s purely his creature and it’s so amazing. Something you will never found in city is, beauty and peace. I remembered the vision of technology, its about making the world to the better place. Every scientist tried to make something which can help us in life, but some of them just destroy our nature. In other side, habits of our society makes this nature worst, throw rubbish wherever we like, burn the forest, using chemicals substance and killing animals. I really though the next ten or even twenty years, will it be beautiful as now. If one day i bring my children to the mountain, will it be this beautiful?.

Drinking and filling up our energy
It’s too tired to continued the journey
Skies above the sky
Just sat and speechless
Spirit to get the peak
Happy is simple
Walk through the clouds
The only drinks we had – dew
Our spirit to get the top together

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