Wonderland, actually it’s just in my imagination, a land with a million dreams which lately i called it as wonderland. It’s inspired by “One Piece” soundtrack, one of the best kid story that i’ve ever read. I’ve been read this story since i was in the 6th grade of primary school. Its have been 761 episodes, and i don’t even feel bored to read this story. I love this story because it has a lot of moral values, and i’ve learnt a lot of life lessons from that story.

It’s a story about a journey of some people. A journey to find “One Piece”, one thing that no one even knows what it is, and no one knows where it’s hiding, but the legend said that “One piece” is the greatest treasure in the world. These people keep believing in that legend, they are keep looking for it, they travel the world just to get that “One piece”, never feel tired, never feel exhausted. They started the journey with nothing but spirits. Throughout their travel they encountered many problems, but they never give up, the lessons from the journey make them even stronger and wiser.


In my Utopia, wonderland is a place where you can achieve all your dreams. This is the final destination of every human. The place where you can find the “one piece”. I don’t even know what is that piece about, maybe it will be a music’s not that would complete the entire symphony, or a word which will summarize the entire book, or maybe one step that will take me to the top. I don’t care about what it is, all i care about is i have to find it, the “one piece”.

In my imagination, wonderland is a place which full of peace. The government treat their people on the first priority, and the people are not really rich but they are live together harmoniously. There is no gap between boss and employee, they can collaborates and work happily.Β They are blind of technology, but they are like to live this way because it is the best way to keep the harmony last forever. The people live in togetherness, they greet to each other, share their stories together, laugh together freely and play together as long as they want. No one will ever feel bored, the time goes normally, but they feel like the time running very fast.

In my fantasy, this land is like a dreamland, it’s a very clean land without any rubbish or such pollution there. It has a lot of beautiful places, where the skies are blue and the air is very fresh, the grass is green with some colorful flowers in some places, the water is very clean until you can see the fish and the stones in the bottom. The weather is not really hot and not really cold, it has a perfect weather there. It is surrounded by very high mountains they are fujiyama, alpine and himalaya. After the mountain they also have very beautiful waterfalls at the foot of the mountain they are niagara fall, victoria falls and gulfoss. They also have complete animal species, human and animal live coexist. Human will not kill the animals brutally, and the animal will never hurt the human. You can play with lions, horses, penguins without afraid of getting hurt by them.

This land also has a capitol city, it is called future city. In this city you can see the seven wonders and other great creatures in one window. It’s the most beautiful city in the world. No one will ever ever feel bored. No one ever think about to leave this city. The dream city. πŸ˜€


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