Love Letter

Dear Adiks,
I used to hate saying “I Love You” and others flirting words to a girl. Besides it sounds cliche for me, I also believe that action speaks louder than words. I used to laugh at other guys when they flirt on their girls. But do you know what? Now there are thousands similar words swarm inside my head urge to be expressed, and I bet you don’t want to hear all of those boring words. I need to make it short but how am I suppose to express all of them? While those common three words can’t even depict the magnitude nor the depth of my emotions. I want to be able to create a new metaphor that would erupt like a volcano when you read my message, so hopefully you will understand my heart condition now. Unfortunately I can’t, this is just too much, I’m not a poet who can produce romantic sentences like all women always dreamed of. Instead of being romantic, I’d prefer to illustrate my feeling in the way I treat you, the way I share my affection. But special in this occasion, please let me show my tremendous feeling by saying “I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST!!!”.
Deepest feeling 

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