Advantages and Disadvantages of living abroad

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Living abroad whether to work or study becomes viral in recent years. A lot of people, especially adults, the chance to spend an extended period of time overseas is an interesting choice. However, there are pros and cons of doing this.
The major advantages of moving away is self development. Stay in overseas will allow you to broaden your horizons that you can never get in your homeland. In new place you will meet various people from different cultural backgrounds, this will help you in getting better understanding to the people of all sorts. Not only that, you will face several problems which will strengthen your personality. Moreover, the experience of working or studying abroad will improve your qualifications in order to get better carreer on your return.
In the other hand, heading to another country also has some disadvantages. Cultural shock is always the greatest problems. Many people who do this find it hard to cope with language barrier, food and others cultural differences. Furthermore, lack of support from family sometimes leads to homesickness, even worst, it can also leads to the sense of isolation. Another problem is starting our life from the scratch, because when you live in a new place, you have to make new friends, adapt to your new environtment, and start your carreer from the very beginning. A lot of people could not stand with that situation and ended with stress and depression.
In summary, starting a new life in a foreign country is never easy yet challenging. You need to consider the pros such as developing ourself, better job prospects and so on, and the cons of culture shock and difficulties of starting new carreer. Personally, I believe that living in overseas will give me more benefits for my future.

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