The Causes of Flood

Credit : Shutterstock
Flood has become one of Indonesian biggest disasters in the last decades. This phenomenon happens annually in some big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Bogor. Thousands of buildings and public facilities broke every time this catastrophe comes. There are two major causes which makes flood even worst each year, namely trash and lack of plant.

Trash always plays the major reason why the flood getsworse over time. A lot of people still put rubbish in inappropriate place.  They only care about their own good without thinking about the long-term effect of their action. Throwing trash in the water for example, will makes the water depth becomes shallower. Another instance is throwing rubbish on the road. In some occasions rain brings it to drainage system and finally, it blocks water stream. As a result, water is stuck in particular areas which then cause the flood.

Another thing that causes flood is lack of plants around the flood areas. Water that should be hold by root of plant now overflow to the ground surface. Cutting plants in a big scale or commonly called as illegal logging also brings a huge effect to the water circulation. Furthermore, illegal logging does not only disturbing the water cycle but also change weather condition to becomes hotter which can melt the ice in pole. As the consequence, the water level is getting higher all over the world and is surpass the ground in some locations.

In summary, trash and lack of plants become the main cause of flood. The first thing that we can do is to change our bad habit of littering in inappropriate place. The second is to start planting some plants in your home. These two actions will hopefully tackle our flood problem.

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