What was your strongest reason to do something? I mean, something that crazily drives you to act or behave in a certain way. Do you still remember what was it?

Some of you might say most of the reasons are money, reward, experience, or acknowledgement. Some even say game station, food, and toys. I think there is totally nothing wrong with all of them. Sometimes I got my motivation from those reasons as well.

And sometimes people get motivation in a very mysterious way. She is “The Altair“, a girl who turns my world upside down, from unmotivated person into a man who is willing to struggle to pursue his dreams.

Everything feels excited when it deals with her, doing activities with her is just like having fun. All I know is milestones are created while we are doing it, in the ways I never expected.

  • We built English community to facilitate people especially ourselves in learning English.
  • We follow some speaking clubs regularly and train our debating skill.
  • We took academic writing class together.
  • We often spent our whole night in a twenty-four hour cafe to study.
  • And the last, we took Japanese class together.

Wait, Japanese class? I never thought I would learn this complicated language. Language was always become my most hated subject in school. I’ve learnt English, Germany, Arabic, Thai and Javanese, and all of them took a toll on me. I still remember how my tears dropped and rolled on my cheek as I did Arabic homework in elementary school. Which then became my mom’s homework. I still remember how I struggled to pass English, Germany and Arabic classes in senior high school, because I completely had no idea about them. And I still clearly remember how I fought to survive with my sign language when I communicate with local people during my exchange.

Back then I thought, even if someday I get a chance to study in the land of rising sun, I would use English in my daily basis rather than Japanese. I felt enough with English, no more language I need to deal with, I thought I was done with it.

But then I did a one-eighty when I met her. I know she puts tremendous efforts on continuing her study in Japan. And I would explore all the avenues to go overseas with her. Then I think that if I could learn their culture especially language, I will have more opportunities to study over there. That was the day I decided to learn foreign languages again.

Positive vibes from her is like a dazzling star that emits light to its surrounding. That’s the quality of relationship that I’ve always been waiting for.  Some people say “Someone truly loves you when she wants you just the way you are“. Well, I don’t 100% agree with that statement. Instead, I believe in Plato’s philosophy better, which says:

“In a good relationship a couple should not only love each other as they are right now, they should be committed in educating each other. Each person should want to motivate the other into becoming the best version of themselves”.

And that’s what we always do. We educate each other, learn and grow together. Become the other’s motive for action. We always give the other a space to transform our personalities.

Imagining dreams means visualizing her along with the plans. She has taken place in almost every single dream I dreamed.

I want to do the silliest dream with her, such as sharing a big plate of breakfast with one fork. Absentmindedly left all the career stuff behind. And laugh uncontrollably at jokes and see each other’s smile.  Then realize how perfectly imperfect we are together.

Until the biggest dream like travelling the world.  Experiencing the hardship of living abroad with her, to grow and develop our maturity together in a very unique and special way. And then metamorphose into the best version of ourselves.


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