Assalamualaikum 2018, please be awesome!

My 2017 was beautifully colored by plot twists, ups and downs, glories and sorrows. The year I found another side of “me”. The year of “Self Discovery”.

2017 has given me new experiences, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking.

When I rewind every hardship, burdens, loss and heartaches; I remember – yes, I went through hell last year — but I made it through. And now I am more powerful than ever. The pain has strengthened me. It helped me to grow. It helps me to have a better understanding to the people of all sorts. Now I know what kind of toxic people I should keep far away from me, or at the very least, I know how to deal with them.

When I recall every celebrations, joys and glories; I realize – yes, the road in 2017 was not always smooth. But it shapes me anyway. And those lessons have given me the rewards that I deserve to own. Instead of seeing 2017 as a failure, I’d rather take that as I was training my best, as I was trying my hardest. I don’t dare to start 2018 by a negative thought. So I want to proudly saying “YES – I am WORTHY of all the rewards”. Because It’s when you’re up against the wall that your true character shows.

Now, I know a little bit more about myself and the way I want to live my life to completion.

Thank you 2017!

My resolutions in 2018 won’t soar too high to fall, but stoop to rise. This year’s resolution will be selfish. But it is okay to be selfish in a good way. It is okay for me to ask for a space. This is the year to find my soul again before I lose it in the crowd.

2018 will be the year for me to learn self-esteem.

This is the year I learn to appreciate myself more. To stop comparing my gifts to others’. Sometimes when we look at our friends, they may seem to be ahead or behind you, but they are not. Because everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. And they are living according to the pace of their clock. So that’s okay to be in the back, sometimes we come last but we did our best.

This is the year of acceptance. Yes I might be behind others’ progress, but I need to realize that timing may not always be on my side, it’s on the right side. It’s on the side that God has chosen and sometimes that’s all we really need to know. And I have faith that He will make things fall into place all in good time.

Privilege doesn’t exist for those who have it“.

It is normal as a human to always expect something better in life. It is okay to get jealous on someone else’s triumph. But it’s not okay to blame on ourselves. As if we see ourselves as a failure. As if everyone else has a better life than us. As if we are the only one who face the difficulties. Sometimes we just absentmindedly forget our privilege. Something that we have and they don’t. Sometimes we just forget that everyone has their own problems, therefore, they have their own challenges to reach their best potentials.


2018 is the year I finish the things I have started in the years before.

We might made decisions that we don’t really enjoy doing it. Even worst, some of them might even take a toll on us. I believe the sun will rise and the storm will cease, and the aftermath will not be as messy as the calamity but it will be beautiful, it will be a glorious.

“There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” ― Kenneth H. Blanchard

Yes, the meaning of commitment is not doing what we want to do when we feel comfortable. It means keep being responsible to the consequences of our decision. We might be free to make decisions, but we will never be free from the consequences. And consequences, for most of the time ended up with something that we don’t really like, something that might put someone else in pain if we don’t finish it.

This is the year to learn how to be fully responsible for the decision that has been made. To be brave to swallow the bitter results of the past. To be committed to finish what has been started. To be professional in everything I do. To be persistent on the things I want on the very beginning.


2018 is the year to continue my “self-discovery”.

2018 is the year I explore myself to the next level. Just like what I did in the last few years. I’ll be more open to any opportunity. To be brave to go out and wander. To be eager to learn new skills. To be available to get more exposure of new experiences.

This is the year I discover my other Identities. To become more authentic person. To uncover my life purpose. To find the reason why am I even exist in this funny universe. To prove the world that I have every reason to be in it.

“People hearts speaks more and more softly. They never stop speaking out, but they begin to hope that their words won’t be heard: they don’t want people to suffer because they don’t follow their hearts.” – Paulo Coelho

This is the year I know my conscience in a deeper level. To listen and understand more to its whispers. It is the year for me to figure out what kind of person is hiding inside of me. The year for me to chase after my career dreams. For me to wander after my wildest ideas. For me to define my value in life, something that I am the only one who deserve to define my worth, not social value, not doxa, not the others.


Assalamualaikum 2018, please be awesome…

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