Why do I hate small talk

What’s your name?
Where do you come from?
How is life?
Are your parents okay?

Some of you who close to me probably know that I’m not a kind of talkative person.

Yeah, I should admit that sometimes I consider myself as a socially awkward. In a way that I often feel tired in social settings. Also, I regularly find myself struggle to adjust to social situations.

Yes I don’t really enjoy small talk, especially to the stranger.
I sometimes feel small talk as a normative conversation about things that are not so important or that don’t really matter.
Sometimes I see small talk as a way to be polite or friendly in front of others (which I do not really agree).

In some cases, trying to be friendly dread me. Especially when the conversation start to touch my private territory.

I know that I’m type of ultimately introvert person. For me, whenever I’m in public places like elevator or waiting area, I much prefer silence. I never got offended by stranger who ignore me. In fact, I prefer this way.

TBH, I am bored of telling the same answer for those repetitive questions. So sorry to say, that kind of talk bores me. But in the name of “politeness”, I should answer them anyway.

Another reason why I don’t like small talk is that I am not kind of person who likes to beat around the bush. When I want to know deeper about someone, I want to know it right away. And the only way to do it fast is by talking about what really matter, an instant way to see their perspective about things.

I always find myself extremely attracted to know someone else’s way of thinking.

Small talk in the other hand, blocks honest interaction because both parties are talking normatively. There is a dumb pressure to make a complete stranger feel comfortable with the conversation. This creates barrier to know someone in depth. Not to mention, this kind of communication feels so unnatural for me.

I hate to laugh at what people are saying when it’s not funny at all. The worst comes when someone’s showing off their achievements and we have to appreciate it, while in other hand my scepticism instinct told me they’re just telling a complete utter bullshit.

Therefore, I prefer jump to a serious topic.

Personally, having a deep conversation with someone is extremely priceless. I can be so excited and feel energized in seconds when my partner start sharing their ideas or personal experiences. But I can also feel annoyed when stranger tried to trapped me in normative talk.

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