Too Good To Be True

We all have that experience, when things are so good and it is hard to believe. For example, you got an SMS about winning a million dollar door prize from unknown number. Or you find something in online store, it claims as the lowest price in the world for great quality while actually it’s only a fake product. Or, someone that out of the blue treats you so nice, while actually they are just buttering you up.

There are a lot of similar experience happened throughout our lives. Well experience makes us learn. And after several times trapped in that kind of illusive situation, I slowly realize that good always follows bad, and vice versa. Just like Yin Yang, light and darkness always complete one another. So if there is an extreme goodness, something will surely go wrong.

Now I have a very strong intuition for things that smells very fishy. And every time I face with similar position, I’d rather have a second-guess for the worst thing that probably happened. Well, even dawn comes after the darkest. So I decided to only believe in effort and reputation. If I want something great, then work for it.

Some say:

What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy

In a way, I believe that is true. I’m not a negative thinker. I’m just trying to be realistic. I’m just tired of false hope after the excitement of getting it. Well, shit happens all the time. And life blows up our face real hard when we least expected it. Even accident comes in the most unexpected moment. Doesn’t it?

I always try to put the end in mind. Try to think one step ahead of everything I do, and picture every consequence of it. Especially when things are just seemed too good but not real.

For example, when dealing with a phony. Sometimes they are all of the sudden become so nice to you. For me personally, it takes risks to believe in people when you’ve seen them unmasked. I can work with them, but it takes time to convince myself that they have already changed. This thing helps me a lot, there are moments when my intuition is like counting 3… 2… 1… and there you go, they are showing their true intention.

The problem arises when you just can’t move on from that situation. The real challenge is making a choice to move on when you notice them. People ignore the signs because being that position give them delusional condition that they always dreamed of.

My problem is I feel so anxious when I notice the sign and things are just out of my control. Does anyone has a coping mechanism for this? I really appreciate your advice.

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