Life is like a melody

Sometimes we forget that life is like a melody. It’s not a flat tone. It’s a sequence of tones. It goes up and down, it goes between the sorrows and the glories. Sometimes it goes really fast like a drum, sometimes it goes slow like a soothing wind. But one thing to remember: “they are always played in harmony”. So next time you complain about your satback, remember that it is, too, part of the beautiful melody. And once it’s a flat tone, it is no more a melody.

Sometimes we forget that we are the composer of our lives. The one who produces the melody. The one who is playing our heart out and is trying to find the harmony. We might not always love the sound we produce. We might make mistake in playing the instrument. But don’t worry. Those are parts of the lesson. And soon we will learn to generate a better melody. Until one day, we will find our harmony.

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