Better left unknown

Perhaps it is true, some questions are better remained unasked, and some answers are better left unspoken. Sometimes we just know the answer, and yet we expect otherwise. 

Perhaps it is true, some words are better remained unread, and some letters are better left unsent. Some words might have multiple meanings, sometimes we know the exact meaning, and yet we keep justifying the meaning as we want it to be.

Perhaps it is true, some secrets are better remained uncovered, and some truths are better left unrevealed. Sometimes it is hurtful for them to say it, and it is painful for us to hear it.

Perhaps it is true, some thoughts are better remained unshared, and some feelings are better left unexpressed. Sometimes it is better to keep our thoughts and our feelings inside our heads rather than hurt the ones in front of us. 

Perhaps it is true, some things are better left unknown.
Sometimes there is just not enough words to describe something. Let the silence speaks. Let it fills the room, and speaks the words that two people are afraid to speak out loud. 

The story in their head remains there; untold. It is probably best if we keep the story in our head as well. And let it fade away, along with the time.



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