I admire constellation so much

I admire constellation so much. The idea of simplifying stars in the universe into some formations of constellation is so brilliant.

The facts that the starlight takes years of travel to get to our eyes reminds me that light itself is a part of history. Isn’t it crazy that the starlight we see now has existed way before we were born and even some starlight might be way older than the age of our earth.

Thinking about universe makes me realize that we are just a tiny part of an infinite number. At the same time it also reminds me that we were all made up of exactly the same atoms that exploded billions of years ago. We were part of the biggest explosion of all time; the Big Bang.

So next time when you feel down, please look at the sky and see how magnificent the universe above us. And then remember, that you were too part of the biggest event in the universe, you are too part of the universe, you are too magnificent.

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