Lanterne festival De Paris 2019

I think Lenterne Festival De Paris is one of the most memorable festivals that I’ve ever been to. I just love every idea about the festival.

It was located on seaside area, around 1.5 hours from the heart of the city. I personally love the experience of attending festival on the seashore. The sea breeze and the sound of waves created a chill and comforting ambiance that is very “Jogja”.

The concert also played songs that intrigued us to reflect for what had happened in our country. The festival was actually held 4 months after presidential election, but the residue of the election was still very strong, polarization was still happening everywhere in that moment.

The settings, the songs, both really supported the audiences to contemplate, to reevaluate what we think is right. Here is the best song that I think perfectly suited to that condition. I really appreciate the author for making that song.

Source: Afrialdi Syahputra

The festival was closed by session they named “flying 1000 sky lanterns” (I’m not sure there were 1000, but there were still a lot). It was actually quite hard to light the candle and to fly the lantern while wind breeze strongly. But when they all flied, all the efforts was paid off. I can not forget that peaceful moment.

Credit: Muran Channel

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