She is Alpha

I call her Alpha Majoris, a name after the brightest star in the night sky. I use that name as my admiration to constellation and celestial objects.
We’ve been close to each other for almost 2 years now, precisely since we decided to watch Zedd’s concert at the end of 2019.

Unlike the previous woman that I used to date, this time I haven’t posted anything even though we’ve been together for a while now.

I don’t know why..
Maybe because I’ve been busy with work and some trainings which are quite frequent. Maybe because the previous story didn’t end perfectly. Or perhaps, I simply want to keep this relationship private for myself and those in our closest circles. 

We agreed to not putting any label on our relationship, but yes, we are mutually exclusive. For us, labels in relationship are overvalued. Labelling relationship doesn’t necessarily make one in a committed relationship. In fact, it can make one ended up trapped in a mere formalities.

She is special.

I’ve never been this open to anybody before.
It’s like she has a kind of power to make me open myself willingly.

With her, I can talk literally about anything without feeling worry of being judged. I can talk about my days, my anxiety, my past, and my darkest thoughts. Not to mention, she can also be my remedy when crisis hit me.

We are not always on the same page, but we understand how to respect each other views. That’s how I feel safe about delivering my unpopular opinions, even though it might sound taboo by society. That’s how I decided to open up.


The sweetest thing about her: she always has faith in me.

No matter what I’ve gone through and no matter how many times I doubt myself, she continues to believe in me. She’ll be there to say “You’re doing great” or “I’m proud of you” or other supportive statements.

“I’m proud of you”
I didn’t know those words are very sweet until she said that to me.
A simple sentence that makes me feel what I do matter. The little things that makes me feel appreciated. I feel enough as a person.


Funny thing, we only met thrice even though we’ve been running this for almost two years.

We are now exactly on the flip side of the world with 11-12 hours apart. Such a crazy challenge for us to arrange our schedules so that we can talk. 

I am crazy to meet her.
I don’t know when, where and how, but I faith the time will come.

Until then, I hope our communication keeps running smoothly as it is right now.
I hope this time, the story will end well.

Image source: Wallpaper Flare

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