The Stranger – Albert Camus

The Stranger

The Stranger by Albert Camus

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This book really led me into bunch of questions.

What makes me a sad the most is how being “stranger” in society might be misinterpreted by society and cause us problem. The main character simply doesn’t play with societal rules, he is being true to himself, he say what he is, and he refuses to lie. As a result, the society feel threatened, and his life ended up tragically.

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Based on your perception of colors you are the ultimate surrealist. Your mind works in abstract, your imagination is powerfully vivid and you see the world from a unique and creative perspective. You notice details and symbols in everyday things that most people don’t take the time to observe. You have an affinity for artistic expression and you would always prefer to live life on the edge rather than stick to the norm.


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Data and Perspective

Data and Perspective

When I was a kid, I was told a story about elephant and blind men.

Six blind men were asked to observe an object that they had no idea about. They chose one leader to listen and make conclusion, while the other 5, observing the object in different position. The leader asked, ‘What is an elephant like?’ and they began to touch the object. One of them said: ‘It is like a pillar.’ This blind man had only touched its leg. Another man said, ‘The elephant is like a fan.’ This person had only touched its ears. The third man said, ‘No, it’s a wall.’ This man touch the belly. The fourth who touched the trunk said, ‘ No way, it is round and sharp, it must be a spear.’ The last man said, ‘Yes it is round, but too smooth for a spear, and it keeps moving. It must be a snake.’ This last man only touched the tail.

The leader was confused. None of the information matched one to another. Thus, he failed to make a conclusion.

The story above tells us how the same data when it is seen from different perspectives might be interpreted differently. None of the men were lying, but none of them were telling the truth either. They were right in their own little observation.

In the real world, that case is not happening to the blind men only. Data representation might lead misinterpretation to anyone.

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Negara yang “Katanya” Bermoral

Negara yang “Katanya” Bermoral

Dalam sebuah percakapan mengenai moral:

Ngapain sih ngikutin negara barat? Udh jelas-jelas liberal dan sekuler. Mau ngancurin moral bangsa?

Guys, sebelum ngehakimin negara-negara yang nggak bermoral, yuk kita introspeksi diri dulu.

In my humble opinion, kata “bermoral” itu sendiri sangat subjektif. Bagaimana sih nentuin standar moralitas? Apakah seseorang hanya dikatakan bermoral kalau dia memiliki paham yang sama dengan kita?


Atau mungkin coba kita lihat data:

Negara yang katanya bermoral dan beragama ini menduduki posisi ke-96 di dunia untuk indeks korupsi, sedangkan negara yang kamu bilang amoral seperti Amerika menduduki posisi 16, sedangkan Inggris di posisi 8 dunia [1]. Di negeri yang katanya bermoral ini korupsi udh mengakar bahkan di lapisan paling bawah masyarakat. Nggak heran kalau sering ada “mark up” pada proses pelaporan.

Negara yang katanya bermoral ini memiliki angka perokok tertinggi di dunia dengan 76.2% laki-lakinya merokok, sedangkan Amerika hanya 19.5% dan Inggris 19.9%. Bahkan Australia hanya 16.7% [2]. Selain itu, di negara bermoral ini rokok bisa diakses dengan murah oleh siapapun dan dimanapun, bahkan anak kecil ngerokok udah sering ditemuin. Sedangkan di negara yang kamu bilang amoral seperti Amerika dan Inggris, mereka menjual rokok dengan harga yang tinggi, selain itu mereka juga punya regulasi ketat untuk umur pembelian rokok [3], [4]. Read more

Weird Happiness

Weird Happiness

Sometimes I miss my childhood…

In a way where, my happiness was just so simple. Even a stupidity of false belief could bring happiness in my daily.

I remember when I was a kid, on 6th birthday my dad gave me a special present. Guess what, when other kids got a roller skate, PlayStation, or remote controller car, my dad gave me… a couple of CHICKENS. Yeah it was a rooster and a hen.

To be honest, I didn’t have a clear idea about the reason why my dad gave me a couple of chickens. At least the reason for why should it be on my birthday. Seriously, what kind of dad give his beloved son a couple of teen chickens on the special day?

Probably he wanted me to learn how to share love, or probably he saw my quality as a caretaker and visualized me to be an eminent breeder in the future.

From the way the chickens seeing each other I can say: those teen chickens were falling in love, ready to make a further commitment as a family. And I knew, I was the third wheeler in their relationship. Thanks dad, I learnt how to be a third wheeler since my early age. Pffttt…

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Semenjak mendapatkan karantina selama 10 hari di Wisma Hijau Depok 2016 lalu, kata integritas menjadi salah satu kata yang sering aku fikirkan. Jujur sebelumnya aku belum pernah begitu memaknai kata yang terdengar sederhana ini. Bahkan sialnya, akupun tak pernah ada ketertarikan untuk mengetahui kata itu sebelum karantina tersebut.

Sepuluh hari karantina tersebut aku maknai sebagai proses penanaman nilai moral dalam kehidupan. Nilai-nilai sederhana yang sering kali kita abaikan dalam aktivitas sehari-hari. Sebuah proses “brainwash” yang aku sukai, dan aku sangat bersyukur dapat mempelajari hal tersebut bersama orang-orang hebat.

Lalu apa sih definisi dari integritas?

Menurut kamus cambridge integritas adalah:

Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.

Integritas: Suatu kualitas untuk menjadi jujur dan memiliki prinsip moral yang tidak akan kamu ubah.


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Tiba-tiba muncul quote yang di-post oleh salah satu rekanku di jejaring sosial:

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

Quote ini cukup menggelitik, karna disatu sisi ada benarnya, disisi yang lain aku juga tidak begitu setuju.

Aku memiliki teori hina bahwa:

“Setiap orang di dunia hidup dalam ketakutan. Perbedaannya, bagaimana cara mereka mengendalikan ketakutan mereka.”

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Assalamualaikum 2018, please be awesome!

Assalamualaikum 2018, please be awesome!

My 2017 was beautifully colored by plot twists, ups and downs, glories and sorrows. The year I found another side of “me”. The year of “Self Discovery”.

2017 has given me new experiences, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking.

When I rewind every hardship, burdens, loss and heartaches; I remember – yes, I went through hell last year — but I made it through. And now I am more powerful than ever. The pain has strengthened me. It helped me to grow. It helps me to have a better understanding to the people of all sorts. Now I know what kind of toxic people I should keep far away from me, or at the very least, I know how to deal with them.

When I recall every celebrations, joys and glories; I realize – yes, the road in 2017 was not always smooth. But it shapes me anyway. And those lessons have given me the rewards that I deserve to own. Instead of seeing 2017 as a failure, I’d rather take that as I was training my best, as I was trying my hardest. I don’t dare to start 2018 by a negative thought. So I want to proudly saying “YES – I am WORTHY of all the rewards”. Because It’s when you’re up against the wall that your true character shows.

Now, I know a little bit more about myself and the way I want to live my life to completion.

Thank you 2017!

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Asmara Nusantara

Lagu Asamara Nusantara dari Budi Doremi kembali menjadi soundtrack untuk program yang saya lalui kali ini. Alunan melodi yang lembut menyapa telinga selalu menjadi penenang yang ampuh saat besarnya tuntutan selama program. Dan lirik yang dalam dan sesuai dengan kondisi kami menjadikan lagu ini “sempurna” untuk dijadikan soundtrack SIYLEP 2017.

waktu itu kamu pakai baju merah
yang ku tahu aku pakai baju putih
kita bergandengan menyusuri kota
dan cinta kita seperti indonesia

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