I like to write everything that roams around my mind, either in a form of an article or just a short text. I don’t want those thoughts fly away and are forgotten, I want them well documented, however silly they sound. Twitter is getting more and more crowded lately, so I made this one, the more personal one.

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In the night full of stars and the moon shines the brightest, I still your face.

I just love this kind of instant stupidity.

This is very gray, even asking “how are you?” feels weird now.


Why did I flirt? stupid..

I said “where have you been?”, when I actually wanted to say “I miss you”.

Idk, I’m so excited to call her, but I’m also nervous now.

I’m so much flattered.

Gosh, I can’t refrain from texting her.

Out of the blue all of me is melted as I read the sender of the package.

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