I like to write everything that roams around my mind, either in a form of an article or just a short text. I don’t want those thoughts fly away and are forgotten, I want them well documented, however silly they sound. Twitter is getting more and more crowded lately, so I made this one, the more personal one.

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I think, talking about feeling is my kryptonite…

Honestly, I don’t want to tell it anymore.

I’m jealous. And yet I’m not entitled to be jealous.

Having someone that you can tell about anything without afraid of being judge is a bless.

I’m grateful for sure. But just curious why did she decide to do all of those things? I don’t understand. sighs…

Midnight is literally a reserved time to have conversation with those who matter.

She came when the idea of love was about headaches and heart breaks.

Me trying to be flirty: “Stay safe there, I don’t wanna lose someone to talk to after the midnight.”
Her: “Only after the midnight, hmm…”

— God, please protect me from drama… *fingers crossed*

“Unless that’s what you want and/or feeling okay with that”, she continued after awhile.

Just realized, sometimes I don’t really know what I want.

I thought I know myself and I know what I want…
and then she said, “You should stop playing with yourself though.”

Well, sometimes, people around you know you better than you know your own self.
And you should be grateful to have those people.

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