I like to write everything that roams around my mind, either in a form of an article or just a short text. I don't want those thoughts fly away and are forgotten, I want them well documented, however silly they sound. Twitter is getting more and more crowded lately, so I made this one, the more personal one.

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As analysts we are trained to be sceptical because our data are bias all the time. The rule of thumb is, every data is bias until proven the bias is minimal.

Maybe we are all immature to some extent

“I’m okay to be vulnerable with you”, she said.
“Hi, I feel fine to be vulnerable with you too”, I replied.

I’m now contemplating in my dreams. Well it was truly a contemplation, I answered a questions I’ve never been asked in the real life. I don’t know if I should proud or scared about that.

I am extremely embarrassed today.. I should’ve sent it carefully,, what a drama… wtf wkwkwk

Talking to her has always been the highlight of the day

People say don’t worry too much for the things that don’t really exist. I don’t think that’s a fair response.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have ambitions, to have something that ignites me every single morning. It’s just, I’m afraid those ambitions blind me from getting my true goal in life.

This is exactly what I was worrying about years ago when I was still in crisis. “Once I decided to choose my career path, I might lose myself in the jungle of ambitions, not knowing where those ambitions are leading me to”

It feels like, I’m now too focus on chasing what is right in front of me, absentmindedly ignoring what do i want in life in a bigger picture.

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