I like to write everything that roams around my mind, either in a form of an article or just a short text. I don't want those thoughts fly away and are forgotten, I want them well documented, however silly they sound. Twitter is getting more and more crowded lately, so I made this one, the more personal one.

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Coffee, lofi and blog at 2 AM is the best trigger to think about life.

I do think ‘time heals all wounds’ is a toxic words. Time doesn’t heal a thing, we’re just getting used to ignore the pain.

Me: I finally being trusted for doing things that I always want it to be.
A: It’s the result of your stubbornness of finding your dream job. ๐Ÿ™‚

— I really find it touching in a way that she doesn’t see my stubbornness as something bad

Some of my writings are just so good that I could cry reading it.

I just want to tell her “I love you”, every single time I call her..

This flight is very emotional. From the sky I can still trace the places that I used to know… and every memories left in them.

Home sweet home..

The last few Jakarta experiences were all about duty or fixing something. Glad it is different this time..

There are times that I know that that will be a very stupid decision, but yeah I still do it anyway.

There’s something magical about her. And I like it..

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