What makes moment precious is that it ends. The only way to make it more valuable is to cherish every part of it. Don't miss it, spend it wisely, create your own footsteps and don't forget to enjoy every moment. Here are some experiences I want to share with you.

Lanterne festival De Paris 2019

I think Lenterne Festival De Paris is one of the most memorable festivals that I’ve ever been to. I just love every idea about the festival.

It was located on seaside area, around 1.5 hours from the heart of the city. I personally love the experience of attending festival on the seashore. The sea breeze and the sound of waves created a chill and comforting ambiance that is very “Jogja”.

The concert also played songs that intrigued us to reflect for what had happened in our country. The festival was actually held 4 months after presidential election, but the residue of the election was still very strong, polarization was still happening everywhere in that moment.


I’ve finally completed my degree

I’ve finally completed my degree!
After 3 long years of my study, countless sleepless nights, countless time of studying, making mistakes, facing failures, feeling down, anxious facing my advisors, worrying about well everything, and bunch of other stupid shit I have finally completed my degree.

It took me 1.5 years for taking theories in class and 1.5 years for doing my thesis. Yes it took me 1.5 DAMN years to finish my thesis, a looping process of finding literature, trying methods, making mistakes, facing failures, and accepting that I have to repeat the process all over again. 


Take me back to Merbabu

I need an open space. The private one to be exact. Just me, myself, and nature. A place where I can’t sense anything. A place where I can talk to myself intensely.

I remember those days on the savanna. So calming, so relaxing, so far away from human activity. Just me and some folks who are trying to find tranquility in the nature.

Hi somebody please take me back to the savanna. I miss the feeling of being touched smoothly by the wind as I laid down in the middle of the grassland. I miss the feeling of breathing the fresh air and hearing the chirps of some birds around the trees. I miss the feeling of enjoying breathtaking views of green hills, blue sky and some clouds that totally on the same height with me.


I was in relationship

Fiuh, it’s been a year from that moment huh.. I’m not sure if it’s like yesterday or a thousand year. I’m not even sure if this is appropriate to be shared or not, but ya, I’m gonna share this anyway.


Throughout my life, I was close to some girls, but many of which only ended up with small talks or coffee dates without further stories. Yes I was never in a relationship. Sometimes the reasons were on the women’s side, but most of the time, I was the main cause. I find myself quite easy to be attracted to girls but extremely difficult to be attached to them.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to play around with those girls. In fact, every time I dated a girl, I always hoped that girl will be right one. The hopes always felt like that step will be the last step needed to get to the top of the mountain, or the last note that completes the whole harmony, or the final word that could sum up the entire story. I always hoped that that will be the end of the searching, that that will end well.


I love you is not enough

It was 30 minutes before the midnight when a chat notification came into my phone. I called him Cimeng, one of my best friends when I was in college. The name Cimeng in bahasa Indonesia means weed. My circle gave him that nickname because his face constantly looked like someone who was under drugs influence. 

“Are you busy?” he asked.

I always knew, random text in the middle of the nights means he just experienced a bad thing. Most of the times the bad thing was related to his romance story. He kinda sucks in doing relationship.

“No mate, what’s up?” I replied.

“Well, it’s about the story I told you last time. Can I call you?”


Not long after that my phone rang, a voice call from him through WhatsApp application showed up on the screen. 

He started to share his story about a girl he adored in the office. I knew he’d been approaching this girl quite long time, and I knew how much effort he had given just to get a single glimpse from the girl. It wasn’t very smooth, but he did it anyway.