(Mengapa) sudah tua baru belajar?

(Mengapa) sudah tua baru belajar?

Seribu asumsi bisa saja muncul, namun hanya beliaulah yang satu-satunya mengerti. Meski dengan pendekatan super canggih hingga disebut ilmiah, tapi asumsi tetap saja asumsi.

Hati-hati, asumsi sering kali melahirkan orang-orang sok ngerti.

Toh tidak semua hal di dunia ini harus kita mengerti. Apalagi tentang hidup orang lain, apa yang membuat kita berhak memainkan peran paling mengerti?

Di dunia ini sudah terlalu banyak orang yang merasa dirinya paling mengerti. Dengan latar belakang yang “katanya” terpelajar, mereka merasa berhak menjadi yang paling benar lalu berperangai kurang ajar.



Life is like a melody

Sometimes we forget that life is like a melody. It’s not a flat tone. It’s a sequence of tones. It goes up and down, it goes between the sorrows and the glories. Sometimes it goes really fast like a drum, sometimes it goes slow like a soothing wind. But one thing to remember: “they are always played in harmony”. So next time you complain about your satback, remember that it is, too, part of the beautiful melody. And once it’s a flat tone, it is no more a melody.

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Hi 2019! I’m coming for you

I don’t know how to express how grateful I am to say goodbye to 2018. To be honest I have no regrets to look back on 2018. Although it wasn’t the best year, it taught me a lot about the importance of loving myself and the importance of being my true self. For me, it is the year of ‘Authenticity’.

2018 had been a year of embracing my imperfections and accepting the person I am. I found contentment in my journey and I’m grateful to be where I am now. I accepted myself wholeheartedly and I’m excited about growing to be my ideal self, not the ideal person of someone else. I stopped rushing for the next achievement to possess but to slow down and be fully present. I was slowly in tune with my feeling and realized that happiness is a journey, not a destination that I can rush towards. I started embracing my shortcomings and insecurities instead of surrendering to the dark voices in my head telling me that, I wasn’t good enough. 

Thank you 2018, I learned a lot from you.