Hi blog

Hi blog,

It’s been awhile not talking to you. Just give me sometimes to catch up with my new world okay. And then I’ll give you every detail inside my brain. 

Some tiny updates, my life’s pretty much changed right now. The funny thing is, even the world has changed a lot recently.

So why don’t you get changed too?
Let’s start with the masthead and thumbnail. ;))

Take me back to Merbabu

I need an open space. The private one to be exact. Just me, myself, and nature. A place where I can’t sense anything. A place where I can talk to myself intensely.

I remember those days on the savanna. So calming, so relaxing, so far away from human activity. Just me and some folks who are trying to find tranquility in the nature.

Hi somebody please take me back to the savanna. I miss the feeling of being touched smoothly by the wind as I laid down in the middle of the grassland. I miss the feeling of breathing the fresh air and hearing the chirps of some birds around the trees. I miss the feeling of enjoying breathtaking views of green hills, blue sky and some clouds that totally on the same height with me.


The 911

Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. Someone who will sit next to you even when you don’t ask them to. Someone who will always be there for you. Someone who can always be your 911. Someone who understands you and what you’re going through. Someone who will never judge your flaws, mistakes, scars, and shortcomings all because they appreciate you for who you were, who you are and who you are going to be. 

I don’t care if they can only say “ooh”, or just nod their heads, or just say “that’s okay” without giving fruitful advice. I don’t care. Their presence matters more than anything. 

Sometimes we just need someone who could bring a little bit of light into our darkness. A little bit of smile into our sorrows. A little bit of of hope into our despairs. Someone who could truly see the little things we need when we need it the most.

Sometimes we just need that person, the person that we can trust, the person we can lean on, the person we can rely on. Sometimes we just need them, not because we’re not enough to be ourselves, but because their existence could support you through your hard times.