Weird Happiness

Weird Happiness

Sometimes I miss my childhood…

In a way where, my happiness was just so simple. Even a stupidity of false belief could bring happiness in my daily.

I remember when I was a kid, on 6th birthday my dad gave me a special present. Guess what, when other kids got a roller skate, PlayStation, or remote controller car, my dad gave me… a couple of CHICKENS. Yeah it was a rooster and a hen.

To be honest, I didn’t have a clear idea about the reason why my dad gave me a couple of chickens. At least the reason for why should it be on my birthday. Seriously, what kind of dad give his beloved son a couple of teen chickens on the special day?

Probably he wanted me to learn how to share love, or probably he saw my quality as a caretaker and visualized me to be an eminent breeder in the future.

From the way the chickens seeing each other I can say: those teen chickens were falling in love, ready to make a further commitment as a family. And I knew, I was the third wheeler in their relationship. Thanks dad, I learnt how to be a third wheeler since my early age. Pffttt…

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Embrace Yourself

Embrace Yourself

When I ask you about your first love. I am silently wishing that you’re going to say your own name.

So that I know, every choice that you make is based upon your conscience. So if one day you ask me to be on your side, I know that it will be your final decision.

So before that, please embrace yourself. Be alone, eat alone, and take yourself on dates. Only then you could learn about yourself in a deeper level. Only then you could hear the whisper of your heart.

Asmara Nusantara

Lagu Asamara Nusantara dari Budi Doremi kembali menjadi soundtrack untuk program yang saya lalui kali ini. Alunan melodi yang lembut menyapa telinga selalu menjadi penenang yang ampuh saat besarnya tuntutan selama program. Dan lirik yang dalam dan sesuai dengan kondisi kami menjadikan lagu ini “sempurna” untuk dijadikan soundtrack SIYLEP 2017.

waktu itu kamu pakai baju merah
yang ku tahu aku pakai baju putih
kita bergandengan menyusuri kota
dan cinta kita seperti indonesia

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What was your strongest reason to do something? I mean, something that crazily drives you to act or behave in a certain way. Do you still remember what was it?

Some of you might say most of the reasons are money, reward, experience, or acknowledgement. Some even say game station, food, and toys. I think there is totally nothing wrong with all of them. Sometimes I got my motivation from those reasons as well.

And sometimes people get motivation in a very mysterious way. She is “The Altair“, a girl who turns my world upside down, from unmotivated person into a man who is willing to struggle to pursue his dreams. Read more


How she smiles at me,
that’s how I find peace within my soul.
It sounds ridiculous, and it’s always the
way it happened. The only way my mind
cannot agree with my heart.

Her smile is irresistible to me.
Just like a drug, so beautiful, so fantastic.
In the other side, it is also so dangerous,
so wild, and yet addictive. And every time
I see it, I cannot refrain to keep staring on it.
I know I should have stopped all the things
before it’s gone too far. But I just can’t.

Her existence is like drinking salt water
>while thirst devouring my tongue.
I perhaps feel a little bit better at the
beginning, a little bit less thirsty for awhile.
But it wouldn’t be so long before my tongue
agonizing more pain of thirst.

It repeated every time we met.
My brain rebels while my heart enjoys the flow.
And there are illogical things happened in between.

Rahmalianto, 31 May 2016

Dear calon istri

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Hai apa kabar kamu disana? Semoga kamu selalu dibawah perlindungan-NYA ya.
Alhamdulillah disini aku baik-baik aja, semoga engkau juga demikian. Amanahku, jangan lupa sholatnya, jaga kesehatan, makan teratur dan sayurnya jangan lupa dimaem juga. hahaha… 

Kamu lagi ngapain? Mungkin kamu sekarang sedang sibuk memantaskan diri ya?, percayalah aku juga demikian. Aku memang belum sempurna dan tak akan pernah sempurna, tapi aku berjanji akan berusaha menjadi imam sekaligus ayah terbaik untuk kamu dan anak-anak kita kelak. Sampai saat itu tiba, jangan pernah mengeluh apalagi menyerah atas cobaan yang engkau alami, karna semua cobaan itulah yang akan menempa kita menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Ingatlah, aku di belahan bumi yang lain sedang berjuang bersamamu. Semoga perjuangan kita menjumpai akhir yang bahagia baik di dunia maupun di akhirat. 

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