Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. We have experience so many situations with conflicts in it. Poor interpersonal communication for most of the time become the number one factor that flares up a simple disagreement into a resentment or worse.

It is human to disagree. Conflict can either be good or be bad, the essential part is to manage them. With a good management, conflict might produce a great solution. On the contrary, with a bad management, it might be ended up as a terminal friction.

Conflict might be ended up with exhausting, stressful, broken relationships and lost of opportunities or it can deepen our connection to the people we care about. It can provoke useful conversation with people with whom we disagree. Conflict can give us the momentum and the opportunity to talk about what matters.

Most of the time the advice you get to manage the conflict is “communication“. But sometimes talking about it seems to make it worse. The other advice is “to compromise“. But it is not always easy to compromise with people who are in the same conflict. Moreover, when you are drowning in the sea of negative emotions.

I’m sure all of aforementioned advice is well-intentioned. But it treats conflict as if it’s a problem.

What if conflict isn’t a problem, what if it’s a solution.
What if it’s not negative, but full of beauty?

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