(Mengapa) sudah tua baru belajar?

(Mengapa) sudah tua baru belajar?

(Mengapa) sudah tua baru belajar?

Seribu asumsi bisa saja muncul, namun hanya beliaulah yang satu-satunya mengerti. Meski dengan pendekatan super canggih hingga disebut ilmiah, tapi asumsi tetap saja asumsi.

Hati-hati, asumsi sering kali melahirkan orang-orang sok ngerti.

Toh tidak semua hal di dunia ini harus kita mengerti. Apalagi tentang hidup orang lain, apa yang membuat kita berhak memainkan peran paling mengerti?

Di dunia ini sudah terlalu banyak orang yang merasa dirinya paling mengerti. Dengan latar belakang yang “katanya” terpelajar, mereka merasa berhak menjadi yang paling benar lalu berperangai kurang ajar.


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Life is like a melody

Life is like a melody

Sometimes we forget that life is like a melody. It’s not a flat tone. It’s a sequence of tones. It goes up and down, it goes between the sorrows and the glories. Sometimes it goes really fast like a drum, sometimes it goes slow like a soothing wind. But one thing to remember: “they are always played in harmony”. So next time you complain about your satback, remember that it is, too, part of the beautiful melody. And once it’s a flat tone, it is no more a melody.

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Negara yang “Katanya” Bermoral

Negara yang “Katanya” Bermoral

Dalam sebuah percakapan mengenai moral:

Ngapain sih ngikutin negara barat? Udh jelas-jelas liberal dan sekuler. Mau ngancurin moral bangsa?

Guys, sebelum ngehakimin negara-negara yang nggak bermoral, yuk kita introspeksi diri dulu.

In my humble opinion, kata “bermoral” itu sendiri sangat subjektif. Bagaimana sih nentuin standar moralitas? Apakah seseorang hanya dikatakan bermoral kalau dia memiliki paham yang sama dengan kita?


Atau mungkin coba kita lihat data:

Negara yang katanya bermoral dan beragama ini menduduki posisi ke-96 di dunia untuk indeks korupsi, sedangkan negara yang kamu bilang amoral seperti Amerika menduduki posisi 16, sedangkan Inggris di posisi 8 dunia [1]. Di negeri yang katanya bermoral ini korupsi udh mengakar bahkan di lapisan paling bawah masyarakat. Nggak heran kalau sering ada “mark up” pada proses pelaporan.

Negara yang katanya bermoral ini memiliki angka perokok tertinggi di dunia dengan 76.2% laki-lakinya merokok, sedangkan Amerika hanya 19.5% dan Inggris 19.9%. Bahkan Australia hanya 16.7% [2]. Selain itu, di negara bermoral ini rokok bisa diakses dengan murah oleh siapapun dan dimanapun, bahkan anak kecil ngerokok udah sering ditemuin. Sedangkan di negara yang kamu bilang amoral seperti Amerika dan Inggris, mereka menjual rokok dengan harga yang tinggi, selain itu mereka juga punya regulasi ketat untuk umur pembelian rokok [3], [4]. Read more

Know Thyself

Know Thyself

Around 2400 years ago in Athens of Greece, there lived a cute boy from one of the wealthiest and the most influential families. His father provided every facility for his development. Grammar class, music class, gymnastics class, ballet class, all from the greatest teachers in the city. Wait, I guess he didn’t take ballet class. But he grew very well, sharp and talented; unfortunately, without the ballet skill. People recognized him as a bright though modest boy who excelled in his studies.

Raised in the era of philosophy, he studied under some of the era’s most distinguished teachers: Socrates. He learned a lot about Socrates’ philosophy. One of them is how to reach the state that he termed: “Eudaimonia” which means ‘fulfilment’. Unlike Socrates who never wrote anything about his thoughts, this boy wrote lots of them. He wrote 36 books, all dialogues with his teacher beautifully crafted scripts of imaginary discussions. These then became the root of modern philosophy.

A few years went by. Then a few more. And then . . . nothing happened.  Just a little bit older, but still cute. He then created his own philosophy. One of them is the idea of how to reach Eudaimonia: “Think Harder”. In his opinion, our lives go wrong because we barely give ourselves time to think carefully and logically about our lives and how to live them. So we end up with the wrong values, careers and relationships. Read more

Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True

We all have that experience, when things are so good and it is hard to believe. For example, you got an SMS about winning a million dollar door prize from unknown number. Or you find something in online store, it claims as the lowest price in the world for great quality while actually it’s only a fake product. Or, someone that out of the blue treats you so nice, while actually they are just buttering you up.

There are a lot of similar experience happened throughout our lives. Well experience makes us learn. And after several times trapped in that kind of illusive situation, I slowly realize that good always follows bad, and vice versa. Just like Yin Yang, light and darkness always complete one another. So if there is an extreme goodness, something will surely go wrong.

Now I have a very strong intuition for things that smells very fishy. And every time I face with similar position, I’d rather have a second-guess for the worst thing that probably happened. Well, even dawn comes after the darkest. So I decided to only believe in effort and reputation. If I want something great, then work for it.

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Embrace Yourself

Embrace Yourself

When I ask you about your first love. I am silently wishing that you’re going to say your own name.

So that I know, every choice that you make is based upon your conscience. So if one day you ask me to be on your side, I know that it will be your final decision.

So before that, please embrace yourself. Be alone, eat alone, and take yourself on dates. Only then you could learn about yourself in a deeper level. Only then you could hear the whisper of your heart.

The language that matter

The language that matter

My foreigner friend visited Yogyakarta. As a good host I accompanied him to travel around while explaining a little bit about Indonesia especially Yogyakarta.

Me: In Indonesia we own more than 500 indigenous languages with 7 different phonetics symbol (In a way, I’m proud to be Indonesian).

Him: It can’t be true.

Me: I’m not kidding. In this city, most of people speak Javanese.

Him: So, how many languages do you speak?

Me: Malay is my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia is my second language, Sambas is my third, English is the fourth and Javanese is my last language. So in total, I could speak 5 languages.

Him: That’s a total insane. How did you manage to master all of them?

Me: My dad speaks Malay and I grew in Malay environment. While Bahasa Indonesia as our Lingua Franca is used in office, school and other official institutions. My mom speaks Sambas, I speak this language when I meet my mom’s family. So basically I master those 3 languages by nature.

Him: cool!

Me: I started learning English in elementary as the mandatory subject. And now I’m struggling to master Javanese as the original language of this city.

Him: awesome!! do you learn foreign language?, I mean, language from other countries.

Me: I managed to give a try. But none of them works on me. I think I suck at foreign language.

Him: Why? (showing a curious smile).

Me: I tried to learn Arabic, Germany, Japanese, and Thailand. But none of them works on me. How about you?, What language do you speak?

Him: I speak two languages, Malay as my mother tongue, and English as the business language.

Me: Are you interested to learn new language?

Him: Does that matter?

Me: What do you mean? (trying to catch what he implies)

Him: Does that matter to learn other language?, what matter to me is not that someone could speak France, Germany, or Spain. What matter to me is do you speak human rights? do you speak climate change? or do you speak SDGs?. I think this world needs people who speak about global issues and its solutions.

Me: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more.

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