You only live this life once, but this one opportunity is enough when you could cherish every part of it. Live it wisely, create your own footsteps, make impacts, spread good vibes, and don't forget to enjoy every moment.


Life is like a melody

Sometimes we forget that life is like a melody. It’s not a flat tone. It’s a sequence of tones. It goes up and down, it goes between the sorrows and the glories. Sometimes it goes really fast like a drum, sometimes it goes slow like a soothing wind. But one thing to remember: “they are always played in harmony”. So next time you complain about your satback, remember that it is, too, part of the beautiful melody. And once it’s a flat tone, it is no more a melody.

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SIYLEP – Indonesia Phase (Riau)

Singapore Indonesia Youth Leadership Exchange Programme 2012  was conducted in two phases, Singapore and Indonesia phase consecutively. Indonesia phase which was taken place in Riau involved local youth during the activities. Not to mention  they also provided foster parents for us to live in.